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Psycho-Pass Full Movie Hindi Download

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a5c7b9f00b In a futuristic world where criminal intent is analyzed by the Sybil System, a new top of the class recruit, Akane Tsunemori, joins the police force; however, she always puts her own sense of justice above the judgment of Sybil. Police are helped by Enforcers (latent criminals disposed to high criminal intent), one of which is a former inspector who supports Akane's method of action.
Believing in humanity and order, policewoman Akane Tsunemori obeys the ruling, computerized, precognitive Sibyl System. But when she faces a criminal mastermind who can elude this "perfect" system, she questions both Sibyl and herself.
In a future not that far away, Japan is administered by &quot;Sibyl&quot;, a presumably inerrable system that monitors the population according to their mental health, which can be instantaneously determined by &quot;cymatic scans&quot;. Persons whose potential for crime exceeds regulation values (&quot;latent criminals&quot;) are taken in preventive isolation from society, where they can get treatment or be executed if their &quot;Crime Coefficient&quot;, in short psycho-pass, oversteps a threshold. <br/><br/>The series follows the Public Safety Bureau that is in charge of carrying out Sybil&#39;s order and taking care of rogue latent criminals, making this a sci-fi, noiresque detective story. <br/><br/>Throughout the episodes the flaws and limitations of the Sibyl System and this hyper-controlling society are explored in depth, fostering cunning philosophical debates on freedom, human nature, justice and the optimal workings of society. This is made possible by clever, educated characters who throw political theory and literary quotes at each other&#39;s head like its their hobby. The whole idea of dividing society according to mental health is like a dark twist on &quot;the value of inner beauty&quot;: here characters compliment each other on the &quot;beautiful hue&quot; of their psycho-pass. The story never indulges in manicheanism, thanks to a charismatic and highly intelligent antagonist, and also thanks to the varied moralities of the main cast that are all equally justified.<br/><br/>I love this series because of its very consistent and clever world-building, never deviating too far from our world but rather increasing worrying tendencies that already exists. The people that inhabit it have values and attitudes that in part differ wildly from our own but that are the logical consequence of the way their society works, so much that some viewers apparently have trouble considering their behaviors &quot;realistic&quot;. Still, people are people, and &quot;Psycho-Pass&quot; manages to convey a very humane story in a setting that many would consider sterile, and show off many facets of that entrancing world.<br/><br/>I also love the underlying grim and sad tone of this anime; there&#39;s a sense of tragedy to see the characters struggle to find sense and dignity in a very cold and impersonal system, and it is rendered beautifully. Also, the connection between cops and criminals way of thinking is explored, which I found very interesting.<br/><br/>My main reservations concerning this anime is that I didn&#39;t really empathize with the characters, at least not in the first half of the series. The more likable characters have secondary roles, while it took me quite a long while to warm up to Akane and Kogami, the main dudes. But I did in the end, so be patient! Also, the story-line of the first episodes isn&#39;t particularly compelling; I went on watching because I saw the potential in it, and wasn&#39;t disappointed since it really takes flight and soars high in the second half of the series. <br/><br/>The animation is ambitious, with gorgeous scenery and lightning, although the characters feel a bit stiff at time and some of the faces lack diversity (I&#39;m especially thinking of the episode at an all-girl boarding school). The voice acting is excellent. The fight scenes are dynamic (but beware the gore, especially aimed at women), the music is great. <br/><br/>Verdict: this anime rewards the patient viewer in many ways, and gives more food for thoughts than anything I&#39;ve seen or read lately, and that&#39;s a big deal for me. If you like it when a media takes its audience seriously and doesn&#39;t spoon feed you everything, than this is for you.<br/><br/>P.S: haven&#39;t seen season 2, don&#39;t intend to either, so this review only is about Psycho-Pass Season 1
In a society where anyone capable of committing a crime is thrown in jail before they can commit it, a string of mysterious murders leads a rough-but-brilliant detective down a path of discovery and destruction.<br/><br/>This is one of the best anime I&#39;ve ever seen. The story is so well done and the characters, each one, is engrossing in their own way. <br/><br/>This show is exactly like Minority Report meets Sherlock Holmes. The main character makes use of brilliant observations and deductions to try to take down a criminal mastermind, all set in a future where criminals are arrested before they commit crimes.<br/><br/>If you are a fan of sci-fi thrillers, this anime is an absolute must-watch.

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